Creative Sound Group Ringtones

News (From “Nintendo Switch”)
Updating (From “Nintendo Switch”)
Puffin Rock (From “Puffin Rock”) [Marimba Remix]
Bard Spawn (From „League Of Legends“)
McCree (From „Overwatch“)
Let’s Get Dangerous (From „Darkwing Duck“)
Baby Not The Mama (From “Dinosaurs”)
Yasuo Flute (From “League Of Legends”)
Baby Sinclair (From “Dinosaurs”)
Vikings Skol
Bard (From “League Of Legends”)
Worms Wmd
National Anthem (From “South Park”)
Go (From “Steven Universe”)
Believe (From “Steven Universe”)
Laugh (From “Ghost Rider”)
Loot (From “Steven Universe”)
Codec Call (From “Metal Gear Solid”)
Alarm (From “Metal Gear Solid”)
Scream Ghostface
Kled Skaarl (From “League Of Legends”)
Pinhead (From “Hellraiser”)
Athena (From “Overwatch”)
Secrets (From “Steven Universe”)
Healing (From “Steven Universe”)
Song (From “Steven Universe”)
Warp (From “Steven Universe”)
Aku (From “Samurai Jack”)
Cookie Monster Hello (From “Sesame Street”)
Aku Laugh (From “Samurai Jack”)
The Count Dracula (From “Sesame Street”)
Hey Baby Stewie (From “Family Guy”)
Spider-Man Web
Gamera Roar (From “Godzilla”)
Exclamation (From “Metal Gear Solid”)
Roar (From “King Kong”)
Dodge Challenger (From “Fast and Furious”)
Knight Rider Theme
Michael Myers Theme (From “Halloween”)
Black Hole (From “No Man’s Sky”)
Creatures (From “No Man’s Sky”)
Treasure Box (From “Zelda Breath Of The Wild”)
Joker (From “Suicide Squad”)
Freddy Krueger Laugh (From “Nightmare On Elm Street”)
Freddy Kruger (From “Nightmare On Elm Street”)
Wakey Wakey (From “We Happy Few”)
Joy (From “We Happy Few”)
Jason Voorhees (From “Friday The 13th”)
Chucky Laugh (From “Child’s Play”)
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